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They were very thorough!

Jeffrey S.

April, 2019 Local

What I liked best with my experience at AAMCO is the communication and easy in and easy out.

Richard R.

April, 2019 Local

I appreciated that the manager, Tom, took quite a bit of time with me by going into detail to help me understand what was wrong with my car and what I needed to repair and not repair. And even after I picked my car up, he showed me what he did again, showed me the parts that were fixed, and made me feel confident that the repairs I had done was the right thing to do.

Lori L.

December, 2018 Local

Everything was done well and done on time. Everyone was courteous with me throughout the whole experience.

Jerome W.

September, 2018 Local

They fixed my vehicle and I am very thankful.

Randy B.

September, 2018 Local

We had our transmission rebuilt with the Libertyville AAMCO shop. Everything was absolutely perfect, we don't have any complaints. They treated us very well and the work was pristine.

Elliot R.

September, 2018 Local

The whole experience was wonderful, I am absolutely thrilled with the way my vehicle runs.

Ji K.

2012 MAZDA5 March, 2018 Local

The service was done very well and I am extremely pleased with the way my car is running. It's running perfectly and my overall experience at the shop was great!

Thor J.

2001 VOLVO V70 xc March, 2018 Local

Everything was done in less time than I was originally quoted. I am very pleased with the shop and the service I had done.

Matthew M.

2011 LINCOLN MKS AWD January, 2018 Local

I thought the manager was excellent, and the mechanic was excellent as well. I enjoyed my time with the Libertyville AAMCO.

Bill F.

2006 DODGE Stratus Sedan January, 2018 Local

The manager was excellent, I received great customer service, and overall everything was wonderful.

Ninos B.

2006 INFINITI M45 January, 2018 Local

The service was done well, my Honda is running great. Overall I am satisfied with the Libertyville AAMCO.

Ash B.

2008 Honda Civic January, 2018 Local

All of the people working at the shop are very friendly. I am happy with my experience at the Libertyville AAMCO!

Catlin R.

2009 SUBARU FORESTER 2.5X PREMIUM December, 2017 Local

The prices are great, they are a whole lot cheaper than taking my vehicle to the dealership. I enjoyed the Libertyville AAMCO shop and I would recommend them.

Matthew M.

2011 LINCOLN MKS AWD December, 2017 Local

The Libertyville AAMCO is wonderful, they are nice, polite, courteous, and on time.

Jerome W.


They do great work on my 2004 Chevrolet, I have been here many times and I am always satisfied with the service.

Dennis S.

2004 CHEVROLET Avalanche 1500 July, 2017 Local

They gave me tons of options to choose from and I really appreciated that. The told me I could either get a used transmission or a new.

Michael R.


Generally when I go to the shop the customer service is great and the service is fast. Overall I am satisfied with my experience at AAMCO.

Young K.

2014 CHEVROLET EXPRESS G2500 March, 2017 Local

The people at the shop are very open in discussing with you the issues with the car. They are very honest about what's necessary and they are very helpful.


2000 HONDA Accord 4 Door March, 2017 Local

I think the guy that runs the place is very friendly. He's also very understanding of what you want to repair and don't want to repair on a car that is as old as mine.

John C.

2000 HONDA Accord 4 Door February, 2017 Local

He did a great job and was very good with the vehicle and customer service. He was friendly, on time, he committed to the price and it came out to be that price. I have recommended him to other people.

Susan B.

2001 FORD Focus February, 2017 Local

My 2005 Honda Pilot is running great! They fixed the problem's that I was having with it.Overall my experience was pleasent.

Steave H.

2005 HONDA Pilot January, 2017 Local

Good management, great place to go, I believe William, the manager is a good person and treated me well. He was honest about what was going on with the car and what was needed. He did was he said he would do and very specific with what he was going to do with my vehicle.

Ninos B.

2006 INFINITI M45 January, 2017 Local

I really liked how my car got service with out any hassle. It was great and I am pleased with the Libertyville AAMCO and my experience with them.

John C.

2004 ACURA 3.2 TL January, 2017 Local

They were very honest, I asked to see the parts and they brought me in and showed me everything.They explained everything to me and showed me exactly what was wrong with my transmission. I've since learnt how a transmission works, so there isn't any mystery about it. They were really nice, courteous, and transparent. They told me when it would be done and it was done. I was very satisfied and I will be taking my vehicle to them again. The experience at the Libertyville AAMCO was more than I could ask for. I had taken my vehicle to someplace else prior and they didn't fix it and I had paid them a lot of money. I was stuck until I found the Libertyville AAMCO, they really pulled my Saturn out of the abyss as it were. My Saturn is running very well right now thanks to AAMCO. I would absolutely recommend the Libertyville AAMCO over some other places.

Nick P.

2006 SATURN VUE December, 2016 Local

My Ford Focus is doing very well. This AAMCO. location is awesome. He's professional, he's thorough, his estimates are right on the money, and he does very good work.

Susan B.

2001 Ford Focus December, 2016 Local

The job was done quickly and they did a great job. I recommend them to my friends. My Toyota drives great after AAMCO serviced it.

Larry B.

2003 TOYOTA Corolla December, 2016 Local

My Honda is running just fine after having it serviced at the Libertyville AAMCO. I was happy with the whole experience at AAMCO, everything was great.

Xiaofeng L.

HONDA Odyssey 2003 November, 2016 Local

I was very satisfied with my overall experience at the Libertyville AAMCO. I really appreciate their honesty and I would recommend them.

Jim C.

November, 2016 Local

My Land Rover is running preety well, I havn't had any issues with it since AAMCO fixed it. All of the guys there were great. The service was excellent, I was very satisfied.

Shanon B.


I liked the way they followed up with me, the options and they explained everything that needed repaired. I would recommend them. So far everything has been great since my visit.

Sarah N.

HONDA Odyssey 2004 October, 2016 Local

The manager there that helped me did a great job. He was very straight forward and cut to the chase. He showed me specifically what the issues were so that I could physically see it and understand it.

Jeff B.

FORD Explorer 2007 October, 2016 Local

The guys there were so nice and they really helped me. They solved the problem quickly and fixed it quickly. I have and will continue to recommend them to my friends.

Martin R.

TOYOTA August, 2016 Local

I really appreciate the communication I received at the Libertyville AAMCO. I brought my Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD to them and they have it running very well. I have recommended many people go over to the Libertyville AAMCO.

Charles B.

CHEVROLET August, 2016 Local

My Dodge Dakota is running great now, I brought it into the Libertyville AAMCO in July. I took it in thinking my transmission was bad and they told me that that was not the case. They told me what the real problem was and fixed it and I really appreciate that. What I ended up needing done was some suspension and wheel bearing work. I'm so pleased with them that I would recommend them to my friends.

John C.

Dodge August, 2016 Local

I brought my Dodge into the AAMCO shop in Libertyville, and they fixed it. I am so glad it's fixed and I really appreciate the service.

Ron B.

DODGE August, 2016 Local

I had a problem with my transmission and they got it back on the road running well. The customer service was great!

Vincent L.

BMW August, 2016 Local

Fast service, Ive never seen a transmission get rebuilt in one or two days. My car is driving great after AAMCO worked on it. Plus the financing they offer helped tremendously.

Dave H.

Dodge August, 2016 Local

So far my Mercury is doing well after taking it to this AAMCO. I would highly recommend them, they took very good care of me as a customer. A friend of mine has actually been using this location, not knowing at the time I took my vehicle in. They do a great job and they work very hard. I think they handle themselves very well.

Linda D.

Mercury August, 2016 Local

I've been to this AAMCO center before and William there takes good care of me. The guys did the job in a fast time and at a very good price. It's a great shop and I'll definitely use them for any future needs.

Wasif R.

Chevrolet June, 2016 Local

They run a really good shop. William's service was exceptional. He is very real and worked with me to get the repairs I needed right away on my budget. It was all wonderful and that is why I returned second time for additional repairs and got credit to fix it the rest of the way. He was very accommodating and I really appreciated that.

Lisa G.

Ford June, 2016 Local

The manager, William, explained everything to me about the issue with my vehicle. I really liked that they got back to me with an estimate in a timely manner and that the final charge was in line with the estimate.

Peter B.

Ford June, 2016 Local

AAMCO was great. The manager worked with us and what a big help was with the financing issue. I would highly recommend them. For the car, it's running great too.

Guy M.

2008 Toyota January, 2016 Local

The truck broke down and had it towed over to AAMCO. The management and service was great. They had me up and running back on the road quickly. I highly recommend them.

Lousie L.

2008 Chevrolet Silverado January, 2016 Local

The guys are great over AAMCO. I had transmission work done on 1985 Cadillac. I would recommend them!

Stan H.

1985 Cadillac Seville December, 2015 Local

The service at this AAMCO center was great! I had a trans flush so far so good. The truck is running great!


2006 Toyota December, 2015 Local

AAMCO was great. They ran a full diagnostic on the vehicle, and confirmed the same finding I had thought it would be. I highly recommend them. They are great!

Oshea U.

2005 KIA Spectra November, 2015 Local

AAMCO was great from the new brakes to the trans flush. My car is running and sounding smoothly - I recommend AAMCO to everyone.

Prit P.

2011 Honda Ridgeline October, 2015 Local

The car dealership is another story...AAMCO was great and their team was a big help. They fixed the transmission and the car is running smoothly - I recommend them.

Barry J.

2012 Volkswagen October, 2015 Local

Their service was great. They got my vehicle up and ran so far with no issues- I recommend them.

Roel A.

2003 Ford F-150 October, 2015 Local

"AAMCO was great, the service was great everyone was great !-
I was having a trans issue and they fixed it - the truck is running good."


1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup May, 2015 Local

The manager at AAMCO and their customer service is great, I had an issue and they fixed it and my vehicle is running smooth I'll be back in to get all my car service needs - I recommend them

Taylor W

2010 Sebring May, 2015 Local

My car is running like a Champ- Thanks to everyone at AAMCO I highly recommend them

David T

2004 Mazda April, 2015 Local

AAMCO was great! It's like driving a new car, but I really haven't been driving it that much I don't even but 1200 miles on it a year. - I already recommend people to AAMCO

Bill S

2003 Suaru April, 2015 Local

AAMCO did a great job with the 2003 Honda we're very happy.

John U

2003 Honda April, 2015 Local

Where so very please with AAMCO. There manager is nice and respectful what wonderful, feeling knowing you have trustworthy people working hard on the transmission to get your vehicles back on the road, We highly recommend them!

Dorthy B

1996 Chevrolet March, 2015 Local

Their service is top notch in my opinion. I would certainly come back here, the people were all very friendly. I certainly recommend them to everyone.

Daniel P

2006 Chevrolet Impala February, 2015 Local

AAMCO did a wonderful job walking me through the whole process of fixing my Ford. I am extremely satisfied with the end results, I surely recommend them!

Matt M

1966 Ford 500 February, 2015 Local

I am more than happy with how well AAMCO took care of my vehicle. I will surely recommend them to everyone and I will also be back here.

Ray M

2009 Ford E250 January, 2015 Local

AAMCO is a fantastic shop! I am more than satisfied with how well they treated me here. The car now runs extremely well and without any issues. I always recommend them and will definitely continue to do so!

Merrible H

2007 Nissan Sentra January, 2015 Local

They got the job done very quick and had no issues whatsoever. I am extremely satisfied with their work and will definitely come back.

George A

2007 BMW 530 January, 2015 Local

So far my vehicle has been running without any issues since they gave it back to me. They were very honest and did not try selling me stuff I didn't need. I would certainly recommend them to everyone.

Mike M

2004 Dodge Ram January, 2015 Local

Thanks to the mechanics at this AAMCO location, my car now runs extremely well. Everyone was very helpful and just pleasant to work with. They helped me understand and were very attentive to my issues. They took care of my problems and for that I recommend them!

Mike D

2001 Honda Accord January, 2015 Local

I really appreciated how flexible AAMCO was with me. The staff are highly professional people and I highly recommend them!

Glen B

2000 Lincoln LS January, 2015 Local

I am extremely satisfied with the way my vehicle is running so far. They did a very good job in fixing my car in a very timely manner. I would certainly recommend my friends.

Tom R

1987 GMC 93500 December, 2014 Local

I cant say enough good things about this AAMCO location. They all were extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful mechanics. The car now runs extremely well and I'd definitely recommend them to everyone!

Randy K

1998 Lincoln Town December, 2014 Local

The person who took care of me was very friendly and helpful, he taught me a couple of things about my car. The customer service here was great and it was a very easy transaction. I would definitely recommend them!

Courtney H

2011 Chevrolet Camaro December, 2014 Local

I am more than happy with AAMCO. My vehicle now runs well thanks to them. I would certainly recommend them!

Steve V

1999 Ford Mustang November, 2014 Local

I am more than satisfied with the service they did on my vehicle. I have not experience any issues whatsoever, the car is running excellent! I certainly recommend them to everyone.

Justin G

2001 Dodge Dakota November, 2014 Local

The service here was excellent, top notch mechanics! The owner made sure I understood everything and even showed me the parts they would be putting in and why. They all were honest and friendly people. The price was fair and I could not be more happy with the quality. I highly recommend them!

Brian B

2008 Chevrolet Malibu November, 2014 Local

I am very satisfied with AAMCOs work, they did an amazing job. I will certainly be recommend them to everyone.

Joe B

2002 Chevrolet Silverado November, 2014 Local

I received excellent service by the staff team here at AAMCO. So far, so good with my vehicle. It was a pleasure doing business with them.

David Z

2005 Toyota Sequoia October, 2014 Local

They do a top notch service at this AAMCO center. They got me in and out, in no time and now the vehicle runs in excellent condition. I definitely recommend them!

Shawn S

2009 Dodge Caliber October, 2014 Local

Everyone here was very friendly with me and the service was also done well. I am happy with how my vehicle runs now, I recommend them!

Alex C

2006 Mazda 6 October, 2014 Local

Friendly and quick service, they were really professional mechanics with me. I am definitely a return customer for the future.

Eric L

2004 Mercury Monterey October, 2014 Local

so far, so good with the vehicle. AAMCO did a fantastic job on my vehicle and really knew what they were doing. I certainly recommend them to everyone.

Ed B.

2005 Hyundai September, 2014 Local

I am happy with the service I received from AAMCO. I'll also recommend them to my friends

Artemeis K.

2005 Dodge Neon September, 2014 Local

The pricing and timing was perfect at this AAMCO shop. Also, ever since my vehicle has been out, it has not given me any issues whatsoever. I'd recommend them to everyone!

Neil R

2005 Infiniti G35 August, 2014 Local

They did everything on time and were extremely efficient. I would certainly recommend them to all my friends and family. Thanks AAMCO!

Philip R

2003 Toyota Corolla August, 2014 Local

I really liked the fact that AAMCO took the care and time in fixing my vehicle. It was a very pleasant experience and for that I certainly recommend them!

Stanley O

2006 Nissan Pathfinder August, 2014 Local

I really liked the owner of this AAMCO shop, he was very knowledgeable and friendly with me. They did a very professional job. I've already recommended them to all my friends and will definitely continue to do so.

James H

2010 Chrysler Town & Country August, 2014 Local

AAMCO did a quality job on my vehicle, it has been running without any issues. I will certainly be back and recommend them!

Jim H

2001 Dodge Ram August, 2014 Local

Everything went very smoothly. The car was finished without any problems and in a timely manner. I absolutely recommend them!

Mike G

2000 Jeep Wrangler June, 2014 Local

The gentleman of this shop was extremely helpful, he carefully explained the details to me. He also showed me all the issues my vehicle had before proceeding. I really can't say anything bad about this shop, I would certainly recommend them.

Fred R

2007 Chevrolet Uplander June, 2014 Local

I am more than happy with AAMCO's work. My vehicle up to now has been running great! The owner of this shop was friendly and very knowledgeable. He explained everything really well. At the end he made sure I understood and double-checked his work. He also explain that I had an option of buying an extra year of warranty, which I did buy because I intent in keeping my vehicle. They did exactly what they told me they would do, no surprises! I absolutely recommend them and in fact have already done so with my friends and family. Go check them out!

Joy G

2002 Buick Rendezvous June, 2014 Local

They did a wonderful job! I cannot believe the high efficiency they put into fixing my vehicle. I truly recommend them!

Gus B

2007 Chevrolet Colorado June, 2014 Local

AAMCO was terrific. They were very helpful and friendly. They fixed my vehicle right the first time around and it did not give any issues whatsoever. I highly recommend them!

Vanessa D

2004 Toyota Rav4 June, 2014 Local

Most certainly one of the best shops around! Highly trained staff and honest service. I've already recommended a bunch of my friends to them because of their great work.

Chip D

2003 Chevrolet Tahoe June, 2014 Local

Knowledgeable and friendly staff. They got the work done in a very timely manner and I have zero complaints. Thanks AAMCO!

Jim B

2001 Mazda Miata June, 2014 Local

They made my Toyota run smoothly once again! I am grateful I came to AAMCO, I strongly recommend them!

Glenn B

2008 Toyota 4Runner June, 2014 Local

Quality work by AAMCO, up to now my Ford has been running like new. I am extremely happy with the service they provided me. I look forward to getting my car fixed here.

Jim A

2002 Ford Expedition June, 2014 Local

They were extremely thorough with the work. The car seems to be doing a lot better now. I will surely recommend them and continue to use their services.

Val V

2001 Honda Odyssey January, 2014 Local

AAMCO did a fantastic job! I can only say good things about them. They were all professional people and top mechanics. Outstanding job, they have certainly made me a return customer.

David S

1997 Ford Ranger January, 2014 Local

They got the work done fairly fast and without any issues on the way. They were also really friendly and overall top notch mechanics. I will certainly continue to use them.

Nicholas G

2005 Honda Accord January, 2014 Local

AAMCO was honest and upfront with the work. They also delivered everything on time and without any problems. I will continue to use them for all my car needs.

Nick L

2006 Chevrolet Impala January, 2014 Local

I had a pleasant first experience with AAMCO. The owner of this shop made me feel comfortable with the work. I certainly will be back!

Tom D

2005 Nissan Maxima January, 2014 Local

AAMCO was fantastic! I am a very happy customer of theirs. I certainly think they were honest and extremely professional to me. I would recommend them to everyone!

Rita R

2001 Acura MDX January, 2014 Local

AAMCO always takes good care of my vehicle. They are always respectful and honest towards me. I will definitely continue to use them and I recommend else gives them a try.

Andy W

2002 Hyundai Santa Fe January, 2014 Local

I am extremely happy that I brought my vehicle to AAMCO! My saturn is now running a lot better thanks to them. I appreciate the hard work that went into fixing it. I certainly recommend this shop!

Andrea G

2001 Saturn L300 January, 2014 Local

Although the work took a little longer than expected, It was definitely worth the while. My vehicle is now running very smoothly. I appreciate the time they put into fixing it because I feel that it was a very difficult task to perform. I will be back, thanks AAMCO!

John V

2006 Ford Explorer October, 2013 Local

Friendly, honest shop! what I liked best about AAMCO was, that I could call them at any time and they would give me friendly feedback as to how my vehicle was doing. The promised date they told me my car would be ready by was met. I will definitely be back for all my future car needs.

Mike B

2006 Acura TL September, 2013 Local

Terrific shop! AAMCO was such a pleasure to do business with. One of the reasons being is that they are all extremely friendly. The price is fair and the work is superb. I recommend them 100%

Doug M

2006 Dodge Ram September, 2013 Local

Best shop! They were very thorough and detailed when explaining what my car needed to be done. The final price was very competitive. I recommend everyone to check them out!

Frank B

2001 Chrysler Intrepid September, 2013 Local